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Hire the Premier Basement Contractors in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus is your basement finishing contractor in Alexandria, VA. Our professional services are designed to transform your basement, offering solutions for your entire space, including walls, ceiling, trim, panels, and more. 

Custom-designed basements

We create custom-designed basements that make your home come alive. Whether you want a home office, man cave, or fully-furnished living spaces, our experienced basement contractors are ready to meet your home’s next transformation. 

Expert installation by basement professionals

Our team of certified basement remodeling contractors in Alexandria, Virginia are experts in crafting your space with your needs in mind. We understand the attention to detail necessary to finish your basement so you can gain peace of mind and enjoyment for years to come. 

Innovative products

Our choice of materials and products are designed specifically for basements. All products are chosen for maximum durability and resistance to damage resulting from moisture, mold and mildew. 

Durable & long-lasting workmanship

Our time-tested basement finishing system is proven to withstand the elements and your usage, providing an attractive and durable solution to address your needs year-round. Unlike other basement contractors in Alexandria, we pride ourselves in using superior materials and craftsmanship to take your basement to the next level. 

Our remodeling system provides a wide variety of features in a cost-efficient package, increasing the value of your home. Transform your unfinished basement into a healthier, comfortable living space; or for your previously-finished basement, our basement contractors can renovate the old work for modern upgrades. 

Be sure to check out our gallery of finished basement pictures to be inspired and see just what our expert craftsman can completely transform your basement. And when you are ready to take the next step, contact Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus for a free basement finishing consultation and estimate. 

What to look for in basement finishing

Unlike other areas of your home, the basement can be a challenge for those looking to renovate. As a place of your home that provides structural support underneath the other floors, careful planning must be used to ensure that the integrity is not compromised. And because it is the lowest part of your home, it is susceptible to flooding and moisture buildup – creating a hazardous environment and potentially leading to costly emergency repairs..  

Many homeowners choose to go the DIY route, often becoming frustrated in the process of accommodating the special needs of the basement. For instance, installing new walls haphazardly can block access to gas, electric, and water lines. 

Then there is the overwhelming choice of materials, products, and applications that can overwhelm most homeowners. With all the information out there, it is difficult to know what is the best. Thousands of vendors offer basement finishing products that now offer possibilities beyond the standard carpeted floors and boring drywall in the past. Homeowners may not necessarily know which products offer the best soundproofing or options for lighting that brings the basement to life (rather than just being a musty old storage room). 

For these reasons and more, you need qualified basement finishing contractors in Alexandria, Virginia. Basement contractors need to use only the finest quality products that not only look great, but will last years after your investment. Call Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus today to speak with basement contractors in Alexandria, VA that will finish your basement the right way. 

Popular ideas for basement finishing

There are plenty of options to finish your basement. Let’s take a look some of the most popular options to give you the inspiration to transform your basement into a customized space that exceeds your expectations: 

  • Basement Bedroom 
  • Basement Exercise Room 
  • Basement Home Theater 
  • Basement In-Law Apartment 
  • Basement Music Room 
  • Basement Apartment 
  • Basement Man Cave 
  • Basement Bar 
  • Basement Workshop 

Basement bedroom

Basement bedrooms are the most cost-effective way to add an extra bedroom to your home. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a basement while increasing the value of your home. 

Basement exercise room

Basement exercise rooms offer cool temperatures to make the most of your physical fitness routine. Add a treadmill, Peloton, weight bench, and more – all int convenience and privacy of your home. 

Basement home theater

There is nothing like having your own screening room to watch sports, movies, and family films in the comfort of your basement. Enjoy private screenings with balanced sound that matches movie-theatre quality right in the luxury of your own home. 

Basement in-law apartment

Creating an in-law apartment gives you the opportunity to incorporate a private space for your loved ones. Basement in-law apartments incorporate special details that enhance your family’s comfort, such as handicap accessibility options, security, and unparalleled comfort. 

Basement music room

If you love listening to music, a basement music room is a luxurious dream come true. Enjoy the full concert experience in your finished basement. For the musicians in your house, enjoy a soundproofed design where practice sessions and private performances are a delight. 

Basement apartment

If you’re a resourceful entrepreneur, you should know that creating a basement apartment can help with household expenses and mortgage payments. With home-sharing services like Airbnb and VRBO on the rise, there has never been a better opportunity to gain a new revenue stream that practically pays for itself 

Basement man cave

If the man of the house needs a place to relax on the weekends, play cards with his pals, or pursue fun hobbies, a basement man cave is the perfect addition to your home. 

Basement bar

Love to entertain? Creating a basement bar is an excellent way to hang with friends and celebrate special occasions. Add a pool table, dart board and vintage arcade games for unforgettable fun that gives you the best pub expensive your very own home. Bottoms up! 

Basement workshop

Got a knack for building? You can transform your basement into a space that is constructed to get projects done. Add soundproofing and specialized tables for woodworking, machining, and more without disturbing the rest of your home. 

Other great basement renovation ideas

  • Family Room 
  • Children’s Play Area 
  • Guest Room 
  • Personal Library 
  • Second Kitchen 
  • Game Room with Pool Table 
  • Private Spa and Hot Tub Area 
  • Wine Cellar 
  • Private Office 
  • And More 

These are some great ideas for your next basement finishing. To start making these ideas a reality, speak with the best basement finishing contractor in Alexandria, VA: Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus. Our certified and experienced basement contractors work with you to create a customized design that incorporates your designs and exceeds your expectations every step of the way.

Basement finishing adds more living space to your home

Everyone wants more usable space when it come our homes. With the ever-rising costs of housing, it is important to make the most of your home. And of all the areas in your house, the basement is certainly the most underused and neglected.  

Unfinished basements present an opportunity to expand your space. However, the challenges of avoiding humidity and dampness in the basement usually relegates it to a storage space for your possessions or as a space for the washer/dryer. Worse, this moisture and lack of ventilation attracts pests, which can lead to extensive exterminator bills. And let’s not forget that this same moisture can create mold for your stored belongings, often requiring airtight containers.  

No one wants a dark, forbidding space in their home. So why not convert it into a comfortable space that is inhabitable? 

Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus has a team of experts on hand that are trained to assess your basement’s issues and anticipate any problems that may manifest in the future. Our qualified basement contractors in Alexandria, Virginia add value and maximize the usable space to your home. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate, and discover all the ways you can revitalize your basement! 

Reasons to finish your basement

Looking for some reasons to finish your basement?  

  • Basements offer the opportunity to add extra room in your home. For those with growing families, a basement offers homeowners the ability to accommodate space for children. 
  • If you have elderly members of your family that need caregiving while offering privacy, a finished basement ensures that your loved ones are taken care of. 
  • Interested in building the value of your home? Homes with finished basements fetch hire closing prices than those without. This helps you create a great return on investment (ROI) that you will appreciate when you choose to sell your home. 
  • A finished basement gives you a place to relax and unwind, where the natural soundproofing can let other members of your household be undisturbed. 
  • Basements are great places to invite friends and family over for gatherings, opening your home to more guests and space to make memories and celebrations for years to come. 
  • Got hobbies? A basement is a perfect place to explore your passions and work on projects without getting disturbed. 
  • Basements that are built by an expert basement finishing contractors can help you save money on heating and cooling costs with insulated wall panels and basement floor tiles. During Virginia’s hot summers and chilly winters, you’ll thank yourself for the savings on utilities costs. 

Finishing a basement can give you some great benefits, but did you know that it can be completed quicker than most people think? 

An average job completed by a qualified Alexandria basement contractor takes between five to ten days – a relatively short time to complete a new phase of your homeownership. Better yet, renovations typically cost 50% than building a new room on your home without sacrificing any space on your property. For a free estimate on basement finishing, contact the best basement finishing contractors in Alexandria, VA today: Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus. 

10 tips for perfect basement finishing

Finishing your basement takes lots of planning and more careful considerations than other places in your home. 

Due to their unique construction and design, there are a fair number of considerations to keep in mind when designing and building a refurbished basement. The following are 10 great tips to keep in mind when planning your next basement finishing: 

  • Be sure that every product in your finished basement comes with long-term warranties for water and humidity resistance.  
  • Because Alexandria is located in a temperate climate, having a basement specifically built to resist moisture is absolutely essential to avoid pests, mold, rot, and dampness. 
  • Properly installed insulation is a must for basements. Even the tiniest of spaces between sheets of insulation can cause significant heating issues, where heat can pour out of or cold drafts may enter. Even poor installations of metal stud walls can cause these issues. 
  • All products used in the basement should provide solid, durable construction that can withstand daily usage. Build with usage in mind to avoid accidents from scuffs, bumps, and impacts. Using cheap materials will ultimately cost more money in replacement and fixes. 
  • Make your basement an attractive space to inhabit, not just a boring white box. Very often homeowners will begin a project with grandiose ideas in mind, only to be bogged down in the work that it takes to do the job right.  
  • Avoid fiberglass and cloth basement walls unless you intend to use your basement sparingly. Other materials are much better at preventing mild and can be regularly cleaned without accumulated damage over time. 
  • Pay careful attention when installing windows in terms of lighting and ventilation. For a basement, new vinyl basement windows are an easy choice for those with minimal construction experience. 
  • Basement walls should be built as strong as possible if you intend to build shelves, attach speakers, fans, and television screens. Aim for the strongest material you can afford that allows you to mount these things without the need to locate a stud or form a break in the wall’s insulation. 
  • Basement walls and the ceilings should be able to be installed in a way that is not only compatible with utilities (pipes, wires, and other objects in the basement), but also complied with local ordinances. Failure to do so may cost hundreds of dollars in fixes that would otherwise be correctly built by a qualified basement renovation contractor in Alexandria, Virginia. 
  • Not all basements walls are built even or without slopes – especially older Virginia homes. Careful measurements and precision building a must when dealing with issues like these. 

Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus offers these basement finishing tips for homeowners interested in building a basement that stands the test of time. Of course, there is no better way to have your basement completed than by hiring the most qualified basement finishing contractors in Alexandria, VA.  Schedule a free estimate to get started on your next playroom, office, or any other basement space you want today. 

Tips for imagining your perfect basement

If you are still trying to imagine what your new basement will look like, we offer the following tips to imagine your perfect basement: 

  • First, decide on what types of activities you and your family would like to do in the space. If it is for recreation, such as crafting or relaxing during the weekends, you will have to factor in what brings you plan to furnish the space with. For instance, pool tables can be heavy and need stairs that can support the weight or an alternative access doorway. If you plan to install an office, does your basement have the wiring to accommodate WiFi and other office necessities? And if you’re planning on accommodating family members to live, do you have a bathroom and kitchen to meet their needs? 
  • Next, the most significant obstacle is pricing. If you plan to go the DIT route, will you have the time, tools, and manpower to get the job done in a timely manner? 
  • Do you have the knowledge of local codes in Alexandria? Understanding local requirements is a necessity to pass inspection, stay insured, and adhere to all building and fire codes. Failure to comply can result in costly fines and other drawbacks. This is especially true for those that are renovating with adding tenants and renters to your basement. 

As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind when remodeling your basement. All of the aforementioned steps will be covered from start to finish if you hire a professional basement contractor. If you’ve ever searched for “basement remodeling contractors near me in Alexandria, VA”, then you can choose the most popular and qualified basement contractors in the area: Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus. 

Basement flooring considerations

Flooring is a major consideration when it comes to a perfect basement space. Generally speaking, there are two main factors to consider: 

  • How much foot traffic do you expect the basement’s flooring to experience? 
  • What is the intended usage? 

For the most basic uses, you can use the concrete that is standard for most basements. However, using the same material as the rest of your home is possible if you understand how installation differs on concrete versus wood subfloors.  

Let’s explore some of the most common materials used in basement flooring: 


Carpet is a very popular basement option, particularly for homeowners that want to create new bedrooms and rooms for an unmistakably “homey” feel. 

There are some disadvantages to using carpet. First, if your basement experiences mold growth issues, carpet will require constant cleaning. Also, carpet can bubble up if there are uneven spots in your concrete. Last, carpeted basements need padding beneath the carpet to be glued in place before carpet is placed and stretched over the top. 

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring is an option for basement remodels that is exceptionally sturdy and wears well when applied over concrete. There are a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes, enabling customization that meets your needs. 

The main disadvantage is that laminate flooring is more expensive than carpet. Laminate floors are also not attached to the subflooring, so basement floors must be level and smooth before installation. 

Ceramic or Vinyl Tile 

Tile is the one of the most versatile options for basement flooring. Tile is typically glued directly to the concrete floor. This gives it the advantage of being installed in places that could potentially be susceptible to water, as tile is easily cleaned. Also, leveling and smoothing of the floor is not necessary with ceramic or vinyl tile. And if any portion of the tile becomes damaged, replacement only requires swapping in the new tile to replace the broken ones. 

Finished Concrete 

Of all of the flooring options, finished concrete is by far the most durable. While finished concrete doesn’t have the softness of carpet or laminate flooring, this option is great for heavy use – such as a basement workshop. As a compromise, area rugs can be installed in certain areas where comfort is a concern, adding to the overall décor of the basement. 

Finishes range from concrete paint to a durable epoxy coating, which has become a popular option for heavy foot traffic and a unique finish that other materials cannot provide. 

Basement walls

Just like flooring, there are plenty of great options when it comes to finishing the walls in your renovated basement. Kits like flooring, aesthetics are a big concern. Foot traffic isn’t a factor, but adaptability to mounting on the walls is a concern. Let’s take a look at a number of options available for basement walls. 


Before choosing any type of exterior wall material, insulation is a big factor that must be seriously considered. Insulation not only provides warmth and retains protection from the elements, but it also works as a sound barrier from the upper floors and outside. 

The most simple and cost effective insulation solutions are fiberglass and blown-in insulation; however, they provide minimal protection against moisture buildup.. Spray foam insulation provides the highest levels of insulation and is a bit more expensive than other varieties of insulation, but homeowners can enjoy the benefit of having a moisture barrier and protection against pest infestations. 


Drywall is the most adaptable option for finishing your basement walls. It is simple to hang, relatively inexpensive, and can be finished with any color of paint or wallpaper you desire. Drywall requires a moisture barrier since drywall will fall apart if it gets wet.  

Another design consideration is that drywall requires starting with a wood wall supports to attach it to, meaning you will lose a few inches of space with this option. 

Natural brick 

If you prefer the warm aesthetics of brick, then using this material is the best choice for your basement. Fabricating the walls of your basement can be more time consuming when going with brick and mortar, but there is no substitute for the look and insulating benefits of brick.  

Painted concrete 

For a more industrial feel to your basement, homeowners can simply leave the concrete blocks and paint them in your desired color. White is a great choice to brighten the space, but other colors can be used to dramatically alter the feel of your basement. This is also a great option to cover up any stains or blemishes that tend to occur with heavy usage. 

Basement ceilings

Basement ceilings offer a vast opportunity for customization. While the ceiling is the most noticeable aspect of a finished basement, it plays an important part in making a space feel larger or smaller. It also enables lighting options that can affect the overall décor. Last, ceilings in the basement can disguise duct work, joists, and wiring – or leave it exposed for easy access in the future. 

Drop ceilings 

A drop ceiling system is the most popular way to finish a remodeled basement ceiling. There are numerous options available that give drop ceilings a more modern look, enabling different textures, endless colors, and variable lighting. Drop ceilings also make it possible to install ventilation, an important part of funneling fresh air in and filter musty odors out. 

Dry wall 

Like basement walls, drywall is a very popular option for basement ceilings. As it is typically used as an affordable building material that is easy to work with, drywall enables your basement to have a higher ceiling that does not require a hanging grid system to mount. The main drawback to dry walled ceilings in a basement is the necessity of creating soffits around any piping or duct work that is lower than any ceiling joists. 


Painting your basement ceiling is the quickest option, only taking a matter of hours to adequately transform your basement. For those that choose to do it yourself, be sure to use primer to avoid chipping or peeling.  

Get started with Alexandria basement finishing plus

Now that you understand what a basement renovation contractor can bring to your home, it is time to take action. Stop in or call Alexandria Basement Finishing Plus to get started on your next basement project and start living the dream today! 



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