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Here at Basement Finishing Plus, we don’t just stop at basements. We’re also a reliable and trustworthy contractor for all your bathroom remodeling needs. In addition to all of the basements we’ve finished and remodeled, we’ve also completed over 100 bathroom remodels, so you can rest assured we have all the experience and know-how needed to get the job done right.

Whether you want to build a bathroom from scratch or simply add a new sink, we can help you decide exactly what you need to create your dream bathroom, and you can rest easy knowing we’re properly licensed, bonded, and insured.
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You may not even need to do a complete remodel. No matter what your budget is, Basement Finishing Plus will handle everything from the design all the way through construction, and make sure that it gets done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. That’s why we’re the best bathroom remodeling company in Alexandria.


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Where to Start

Even if you have prior experience, planning an entire bathroom remodeling project by yourself can be pretty overwhelming, but our expert team at Basement Finishing Plus is prepared to guide you through the whole process step by step. Still, before you get started, you should ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What is your budget, and are you prepared to take on unexpected costs if they come up?
  2. Who will use the bathroom? The answer to this question will impact everything from the desired look to the features you include.
  3. Why are you remodeling? Do you want to change the aesthetic of the bathroom or add functionality? While both choices increase the value of your home, functional renovations tend to be more expensive.
  4. What special features are most important to you? Do you want to include special mirrors and custom designed vanity or maybe a rainfall shower?
  5. Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?

In order to help you answer these questions and further plan your new bathroom renovation project, we’ve created this checklist for you. While it doesn’t quite cover everything, it does include all of the most important things you need to think about.

  • Plumbing: In most homes, the drains and the plumbing connected to them use 1.5-inch pipes, but you’d be surprised how quickly pipes this size can get clogged up. The bigger the pìpe the less easily it will get clogged, so you should consider opting for 2-inch pipes instead, even if it costs a bit more.
  • Lighting: Adding recessed lighting in the ceiling can brighten up a bathroom in an instant, and installing a dimmer switch can allow you to adjust the brightness however you want to. Shower lights with the proper trim are also essential.
  • Medicine cabinets: If you have the room, recessing your medicine cabinets can help you save your limited space, and the extra framing needed to do it doesn’t usually cost much.
  • Wall-hung toilets: Another great way to save space, wall-hung toilets have become increasingly popular over the years, and they're cheaper than they’ve ever been.
  • Shower windows: Bathroom windows are great, but you’ll probably want to make sure they’re made of frosted glass for privacy and can open to let in the fresh air.
  • Shower sills: It's crucial to ensure that the shower sill is sloped properly. We recommend using a solid material like stone or quartz.
  • Shower floors: Smaller tiles are usually better than larger ones when it comes to getting the slope on your shower floor. Not to mention, the smaller spacing between grout lines provides a textured surface that prevents the floor from getting too slippery.
  • Drawer storage: You should also think about installing a vanity with drawers instead of doors. Drawers are easy to organize and can be customized to fit around plumbing.

Bathroom Remodeling Basics

Every bathroom is different and every homeowner has different needs and preferences when it comes to their remodeling projects, but Basement Finishing Plus’s team of experienced professionals have the expertise needed to get your project done quickly, cost-effectively, and exactly the way you want it.

We’ll lead you through the entire process from design through construction so you can make the most of your budget and ensure that all our work is carried to the highest possible standards.

When remodeling a bathroom, the goal is to create a comfortable and functional space for grooming, cleaning, and relaxing, and our designers will make sure that your remodeled bathroom is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Still, here are some of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes people make.

Not Leaving Yourself Sufficient Cabinet Space

Storage space is important and while you can always add additional space later, new additions might not look as good as you would like them to. Sometimes it's not as simple as adding a set of overhead cupboards.

Not Trusting the Experts

Going the DIY route can save you money and provide you with a sense of achievement upon completion, however, it's essential to prioritize quality over cost savings and pride. The most important thing is that your bathroom is completed the right way.

Hiring A Contractor Without Understanding What You’re Paying for

If you do decide to go with the professionals, it's essential that you understand the pricing breakdown before you finalize any contracts. Every expense should be clearly outlined in the contract to avoid any confusion later on.

Forgetting About Lighting and Ventilation

Despite their importance, homeowners tend to look over lighting and ventilation, but both are crucial components that should be taken into consideration. Lighting isn’t just there so you can see. It also plays a part in the overall design of the bathroom, so picking the right one is crucial to designing your perfect space.

That’s not all though. There are plenty of other factors to consider including:

Saving Money by Planning a Partial Renovation

You might be surprised just how much a new coat of paint or upgraded vanity can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. This means that if you already like the current layout of your bathroom, you may want to consider saving money and try changing one or two small details to see if that’s all you need.

However, if significant modifications are required, you’re much better off doing it all at once to avoid the need for future renovations.

When planning your partial renovation budget, it's important to figure out what bathroom components you want to change the most and what they might cost.

Look in Magazines and Online for Bathroom Inspiration

There’s no shortage of magazines and online resources dedicated to home improvement and renovation projects, so you might as well use them to get a bit of inspiration. These magazines, blogs, and other resources keep up with all the most popular styles and trends, so you can cut, print out or save your favorites until you know exactly how you want your bathroom to look.

Pick the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Choosing a color scheme is one of the first things you should do. You can then base the rest of your design around the colors your choose. Be sure to choose three different colors so that you have a primary, secondary, and accent color, and remember that lighter colors like white and yellow are great for making small spaces feel larger and more open

Draw Out Your Plans

Drawing out your plans on a piece of graph paper can help you get a better idea of the space you’re working with. Just make each square on the paper equal to 1 square foot and draw out the perimeter of the room, and then draw in whatever you want to add or replace to see how it all would fit. You can even make multiple copies with different designs to help you decide.

You should also consider how your needs might change in the future, especially if you are planning on starting a family anytime soon.

Find Your Water Lines and Electrical Outlets

Moving wiring and plumbing around can be incredibly expensive, so if you want to cut costs, you’ll want to design around what’s already there.

Pick One Feature to Design Your Bathroom Around

It's helpful to choose one thing that you really want to include so that you can design the rest of the space around it. Whether it's a custom vanity or an ultra-modern sink, you’ll be able to match the rest of the fixtures you add to it, creating a comfortable and cohesive bathroom.

Choose Bright Ceilings and Ample Lighting

You need a well-lit room to properly shave or put makeup on in, and well-lit rooms feel less claustrophobic than darker ones.

You should include multiple types of light in your design including light fixtures and ceiling lights. Just make sure that they match the right style.

Don’t Forget to Leave Plenty of Room for Storage

Having sufficient storage space is incredibly important so leave those built-in closets be, and if you do need more space, shelves, medicine cabinets, vanities, and even baskets all can provide plenty of space to store all your toiletries and towels.

Choose Water-Resistant Flooring

Every bathroom needs water-resistant flooring for obvious reasons, with some of the most popular choices being tile and vinyl. They come in a variety of different colors, making it super easy to match them with the rest of your bathroom. They’re also really easy to install and do a great job of keeping water from getting under them.

Make Sure That You Have Sufficient Ventilation

Having proper ventilation is important if you don’t want your bathroom to get all moldy, so you should calculate the volume of your bathroom in cubic feet and find a vent with a CBM (cubic feet per minute) that’s sufficient to properly ventilate the space.

Trust Our Team of Highly Trained Professionals at Basement Finishing Plus

Here at Basement Finishing Plus, we’ve been renovating bathrooms for going on 20 years now, and in that time we’ve gained the experience and know-how that’s allowed us to gain the reputation of being one of the most trusted bathroom remodeling contractors in Alexandria. If you’re looking to turn your dream bathroom into a reality, you’ve come to the right spot. We are experts not just in bathroom but we are also experienced with kitchen remodeling.

You might be surprised just how inexpensive it is to transform your old bathroom into a dream come true and we offer plenty of flexible payment options that make it easy for you to get your renovation project done the right way, no matter what your budget. With Basement Finishing Plus you can rest easy knowing you're getting the highest quality work at the lowest possible price.

Our expert team and unique approach allow us to ensure that your bathroom renovation is completed in as quick and cost-effective a manner as possible. When you come to us, we won’t rush you into anything. Instead, we’ll give you a free consultation so that our specialists can help you get exactly what you need.

Call Basement Finishing Plus today to get your free in-house consultation and estimate and learn more about how we can help you transform your old, dirty bathroom into the one you just can’t get enough of.


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