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Clearing Land

It is completely understood that tree work and even heavy tree work may be needed in order to clear land for good property maintenance as well as for various construction projects. However, doing heavy tree work is quite noisy and requires a lot of labor. This means that large bulldozers may be needed which are quite costly. If you talk about land clearing to any young adult, they may immediately think about sit-downs in order to save the forest or even a baby bird’s nest.  

Another thing to consider is that the typical ways of clearing land usually results in soil erosion and makes life quite difficult for the surrounding land and properties. However, we at Burke Tree Services focus on green ways to clear land which are better for the environment and are also more efficient.  

When Is Land Clearing Necessary?

Land clearing is usually seen as necessary when a new development or even a farm needs to be built. Small scale land clearing may be necessary in the event of property renovations. This is even more necessary if you want to increase the size of your property or if you want to sell it and make the area clear and more visually appealing to potential buyers.  

People who live around the Burke countryside would also need to do land clearing ever so often in order to get rid of fallen and rotten leaves, pests, mulch etc.

What Is Necessary For Land Clearing To Occur?

Land clearing services usually entail doing everything necessary in order to make a piece of land completely clear or akin to a clean slate. As a result, land clearing will entail getting rid of trees, bushes, tree stumps etc. Now, in order to actually carry out the land clearing, the tools needed will depend on the size of the land. Some of these include a bulldozer, grinder, axe, mulcher etc. Once you require a land clearing service and you’re located in Burke, VA, then be sure to check us out.  

In our method of land clearing, we use mulchers a lot. This is also used for stump grinding since it is much easier to use and quieter when compared to heavy machines such as cranes etc.  

Why Do Land Clearing Using Our Method?

In our method, we prefer to use mulchers as oppose to bulldozers and this actually reduces your budget as well as reduces the chances of noise pollution fines and is safer for our workers.  

This also helps to reduce your overall land clearing bill. There are less workers using machines which allows us to have much greater flexibility and even execute urgent jobs. We do our very best to accommodate your particular deadlines and needs.  

By avoiding the use of any heavy machinery, this means that there won’t be any delays. This is because heavy machinery usage requires certain permits in Burke which takes up precious time.  

In addition to being good for you, our method of land clearing is great for the environment. With our method of clearing, we are not completely removing or ripping out root systems from the land but instead these systems remain intact. This helps to ensure that the mulch is maintained and this will preserve the quality of your soil as well as prevent issues with erosion. So, in the event that rain falls, your land would drain properly and not become a temporary swamp.  

Once you’re searching for a tree removal and land clearing service in Burke, be sure to give us a call. 



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